2 Years

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, but today is a special day. Today marks two years since my stent was placed. Yesterday marks two years since my most difficult moment in life…kissing my wife and kids goodbye not knowing if I would be seeing them again. I won’t rehash that moment, because for those that read my blog you have read that part multiple times before.

Today is a day to focus on the good, to celebrate, to reflect, to be thankful and to look forward to all of the good things to come. Two years ago today I was faced with a scary realization, that I had heart disease. In the two years that have passed, I have learned so much about myself, the disease, other survivors (and my fellow cardiac athletes), the importance of family and friends, the relative unimportance of money and material items, and about a genuine appreciation for life itself. But above all, the most beautiful thing that has come out of the last two years is how it has made me appreciate and cherish my wife and children, and every second that I get to spend with them. I know that some people may look at me and wonder why I make such a big deal out of all of this. After all, I just had one stent placed, and according to everyone I am healthy. My answers to why I take it so seriously are my wife and my two kids. I truly view every day that I get to spend with them as a blessing, and each day these past two years has been exactly that. During these past two years I have had many moments of happy tears as I watched my children accomplish things and enjoy special life moments with them: playing hockey/soccer/baseball/snowboard/wrestle/golf/fish, participate in a school play for the first time, face and beat their fears, learn to read/write, have their first sleepover, take long walks and play on the beach with them, go to LegoLand, cheer on the Rockies/Tigers/Lions/Red Wings/Orioles/Steelers (never the Penguins), go to their first ever concert (Kidz Bop rocks!), family trips, camping in the backyard, snuggle time before bed and in the mornings, birthdays and holidays. As those moments happen I am overcome with joy, because I am so thankful to be there for those precious moments that I so easily could have missed. THOSE are the reasons that I take this so seriously. Because I don’t just want two years of those moments, I want to share a full lifetime of them with my wife and kids.

So, today, to celebrate two amazing years and many many more to come, I made sure that no matter where I go, Abbie, Mollie & Owen are always with me and right by my heart.


Cheers to Two Years!

And as Always…..Dream as if You’ll Live Forever, Live as if You Only Have Today!!

All My Best,